Building A Home Gym: 6 Major Gym Equipment You Need

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to the closure of gyms in many places, prompting many to wonder what kinds of equipment they need to have at home.

You do not have to rush to buy exercise equipment since there are a lot of free fitness applications that allow you to do workouts at home, meditate, and relax without using any equipment.

You feel that you require more material to be able to execute your routines and keep up to date, then we are going to point out some basic elements, means, and even professionals that you can buy to stay in shape during these days of quarantine. 

The first thing you have to think about is where you will install your gym. Visualize which space in your house can be better equipped; a corridor, the room where you keep your tools, the terrace, and even the garden; any space is good if you know how to adapt them. Ideally, the place you choose has good lighting that will give you greater motivation and encouragement to continue.

Because of the world pandemic caused by COVID-19, keep in mind you’ll have to keep your gym equipment clean from germs by using the proper cleaning materials.

clean home gym equipment

Once you have made the decision of where you will install your gym, it is time to start shaping it. You can paint the walls, choose colors that give life to your walls, place plants and a mirror to encourage you with the routine. Ventilation plays an important role; make sure there are windows, you don’t want to get too hot. If you need to establish a gym in your home, here are our recommendations.

Basic Equipment

Let’s start with the basic equipment because there are some elements that are necessary for routines that we usually do in the gym, group classes, etc. See which ones you need from this list so that you acquire what you really need and, above all, that you will be able to continue using after quarantine.

Electric Treadmill

The treadmill will help you perform cardiovascular exercise. If you are looking to lose weight and have a better physical condition, it is ideal for you. The model and size will depend on the space in which you want to place it.

treadmill on your home gym

Jump Rope

It is an excellent option if you are going to enter the fitness world; it is cheap and easy to get. This tool can be used to tone various parts of the body, such as arms, legs, trunk, and back. It will be essential to begin to take physical condition.

Homemade Chin-Up Bar

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the equipment you decide to add to your home gym. With recycled items or items that you can buy at a low cost at the corner hardware store, you can build a pull-up bar which is deal for working the back, chest, biceps. For strength training at-home, FitOrbit wrote and excellent article on the importance of it and tips to get it done.


kettleball for home gym

They are relatively new and very novel to exercise, as well as affordable in price. You can use them in the space where you have decided to set up your gym or in your garden; it will help you be more flexible. Kettlebell workouts increase strength, endurance, and balance in your body. Most importantly, they won’t take up much space in your home.


Doing weights in the gym is undoubtedly something that practically all of us are used to doing once we step into that room either just to keep fit or to build muscle or even because some class requires it. 

Training Mat

Although it is true that there are many types of mats, when it comes to the one necessary for yoga, the options are more specific because they meet the necessary requirements to give you stability.

Online Healthy Eating & Fitness Programs for Women

Finding a health or fitness program online can be extremely difficult to say the least. For years, women have gathered together in groups at the local gym in order to get a quality workout in. These days, if you know where to look, can be an amazing opportunity for anyone with a busy work schedule, especially moms.

Working out at home can be challenging, unless you latch onto a reputable program that provides opportunities for results. The same can be said for signing up for an online healthy diet plan. We will reveal why fitness and health for women and moms is an important way to feel better and maintain your overall health.

this is an image of healthy food for women and moms

What Exactly is an Online Healthy Eating Program?

Online healthy eating programs are more like diet structures. There are courses, instructors, and specific schedules to follow as the student. In essence, these healthy diet programs for women help shape your body, eat healthier and provide amazing support through online group efforts.

What is an Online Fitness Program?

Online fitness programs can be a wide array of things. For the most part, these programs are mostly online workouts conducted by a certified fitness instructor. Women and moms can choose between group and individual classes. You can also work at your own pace as the classes are usually pre-recorded.

Top Healthy Eating Programs Online

If you are new to searching for online health programs for women, it can be difficult to find the best one. But, that’s what we are here for – to help you find the perfect program to get you body to a more healthy you!

First, you need to ask yourself what your goals are. For many women, they want to eat healthier to lose weight. These programs are often referred to as special diets for weight loss.

Here are our top three programs for eating healthy and weight loss:

Weight Watchers

A breath of fresh air here – Weight Watchers is legit. There’s no denying that. Why? Because there have been so many success stories. The only time this program doesn’t work for someone is when they don’t actually follow their specific guide.


Dietwatch has been around for a while now, and so many women are benefiting from it. Mainly because of its tough, rigorous schedule. It is a very strict plan, but effective if followed correctly. Be sure that if you decide to invest in yourself with this program, you actually follow the schedule.

Fit Forever

Denise Austin does an incredible job keeping you in shape and giving you the “secret” ingredients to eat healthier. You can easily lose weight in a short period of time if you stick to the script.

Top Fitness Programs Online


Beachbody has been around for a long time and for good reason. There are so many programs to choose from, regardless of your fitness goals. For women specifically, there are outstanding programs such as the 21 Day Fix. Obviously it is 21 days of tough, intense workouts that will knock your socks off and whip you up into the best shape of your life.


The craze keeps getting bigger, especially during the COVID-19 era. Peloton offers a unique way to get a workout in at home while you are with a group of people virtually. It is a really special way to reach your fitness goals.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We hope you really enjoyed this article today. Our main goal was to help you get one step closer to reaching your fitness and health goals. How do you do that? By taking ACTION! That’s why we revealed our best picks for fitness and healthy diet eating plans for women and moms!

Our New Recipe for Success

We have been giving away plenty of recipes over the years and have received lots of really good feedback. This time we want to share our new recipe for success, and it comes down to two things (which is what our site is about).

#1: Fitness Training

#2: Healthy Living

Your goals, aspirations and vision can all be achieved through hard work, discipline and a plan. We want to help get you there, and as fast as possible. It will take an incredible amount of focus and persistence, but once you reach the top of your local mountain, you will understand that it was all worth it.

This is an exciting time for us at a fit philosophy! The amount of information we will be bringing you will hopefully bring you back for more!