Hi! I’m Natalie!

Nice to meet you 🙂 I’ve got a few questions for you:

  • Is it difficult for you to find balance with living a healthy lifestyle, while still trying to satisfy that sweet tooth?
  • Are you living a gluten free lifestyle and crave ingredients that you can no longer eat?
  • Do you struggle with healthy recipe ideas or do you find healthy eating to be “boring”?
  • Do you find some “healthier” recipes to be overly complicated and overwhelming to make?

If you answered “HECK YES” to any of these questions, then this is the place for you!

A Fit Philosophy began in 2013 as an easy way for me to share healthy tips and recipes with my friends and family. A Fit Philosophy has since transcended into a resource for many who are looking for Gluten Free, Healthy, and Easy Recipes to help them live a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing the taste!

With each recipe post, you’ll get a healthy, gluten free, delicious recipe that is easy to make! All recipes contain 10 ingredients or less and can be made by any beginner or anyone just learning how to cook!

Because I can’t go a day without breakfast, you’ll find tons of creative, yet healthy breakfast recipe options to start your day out on the right foot. [Fun fact – a simple protein pancakes recipe was the recipe that helped me break free from my egg whites and oats days, so you’ll find lots and lots of scrumptious protein pancakes recipes here! You can also score a FREE copy of my 45-page Protein Pancake Recipe E-Book here too!]

I also have quite the sweet tooth myself, and definitely can’t go to bed without something sweet to end the day! With that said, you’ll find tons of healthier treats and dessert options here as well. I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to healthify the unhealthy, so you’ll only find recipes that are made with healthy ingredients to help you feel incredible! Because why would you want to feel anything other than absolutely incredible every day??

I invite YOU to join me on this journey to living a healthy and gluten free lifestyle! Trust me when I say, healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring! Since I have quite the obsession with protein pancakes, I recommend starting with these 3-Ingredient Protein Pancakes or downloading my FREE 45-page Protein Pancake Recipe eBook. If you’re on the go a lot [because who isn’t these days] these Strawberry Blueberry Overnight Oats are incredibly easy to throw together at night so you can grab a jar when you’re rushing out the door to work in the morning. Need some sweet snacks throughout the day? Start with these Double Chocolate Protein Squares! Super easy to make on a Sunday night and grab a square [or two] for a perfect pre or post-workout treat! You can also follow along on Instagram for healthy recipe inspiration on the daily!

Many of the recipes from A Fit Philosophy have been featured on About Time’s website, and even has an entire “In Season Eats” recipe series on the About Time’s Blog. I’ve also collaborated with some really awesome brands and healthy recipe bloggers to help spread the healthy lifestyle word to as many people as possible! Some brands I’ve collaborated with are: About Time, Mee Eat Paleo, Honor & Conquer, Nektar Naturals, and PlantFusion. I’m also currently working toward becoming certified in Fitness Nutrition through Precision Nutrition!


Before I get into that, I just want to let you know how happy I am that you’re here! If you’ve read this far, then we already have so much in common and I can’t wait to connect with YOU!

I’m Natalie Bernacchi and as I mentioned up top, I started this blog as a way to share healthier recipes with my family and friends! I was never really into health and fitness until I was planning for my wedding back in 2009. I was the typical teen and college student, ate tons of fast food and ramen and barely knew what the inside of a gym looked like. I also partied wayyyyy too much and smoked about 2 packs of cigarettes a day. [ewwww I know, so gross right?!?]

One day my husband Matt [boyfriend at the time] and I were driving home to Arizona from a trip to California and we were talking about what we wanted our future to look like. As I sat in the driver seat chain-smoking away, I dreamed of living in California one day! Matt [a non-smoker] looked at me and said, “if you quit smoking for one year, we’ll move”. AND, that was it, I never purchased another pack of cigarettes again. Quit cold-turkey just like that.

So, where are you going with this Natalie??

Well, that deal we made really had a HUGE impact on my life. When I’d get cravings to smoke, I’d go out for a 10 minute run to try and get that feeling of anxiety to pass. Overtime, I noticed that I really started feeling much more energetic and much better overall! I started working out more, eating healthier, and little by little my lifestyle completely changed. Instead of being the overweight smoking party animal friend, I was now the healthy, fit, and athletic friend!

The changes I made were hands down the best changes that I had ever made in my life, however I was on a road to burnout. I was eating egg whites and oats every morning for breakfast, grilled chicken, green beans, and rice every day for lunch and dinner. It was great to help get me on track at first, but just not sustainable for the long run.

So that’s when a friend from my gym turned me on to Protein Pancakes. She had a super easy recipe that used egg whites, oats, and a few other ingredients and I was hooked! I started making all sorts of flavors and fun variations for protein pancakes, mug cakes, crepes, you name it! It became a fun challenge for me to take unhealthy recipes and make them healthy.

I’ll never forget when my aunt came to visit me from New Jersey and she was just amazed at how I could make these protein pancakes and how I meal prepped for the week on Sunday nights. AND that’s where A Fit Philosophy began! I started sharing my recipes on the blog so that my aunt and other family members could access them from all over the country.

Oh AND guess what…that bet I made with my husband a while back, well I won 🙂 We moved to California! It took a little longer than 1 year, but we made it and we are loving every minute of it!

SO, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being here and I hope you love the recipes! I hope these recipes allow you to find balance in your healthy lifestyle and satisfy that sweet tooth of yours! I also hope these recipes help you realize that healthy eating does NOT have to be boring or overly complicated to make!

I genuinely LOVE talking health and fitness anytime, so please do reach out on Instagram or Facebook!! I’m most responsive there and I’d love to connect with you! Let me know if you make the recipes by sharing photos and be sure to tag me – @AFitPhilosophy and use #AFitPhilosophy

Wait! Don’t leave yet! Click here to get awesome delicious gluten free recipes and score a FREE copy of my 45-Page Protein Pancake Recipe e-Book!*DISCLAIMER: Everything posted on this website is based on my own personal knowledge and experience with working out and eating/cooking. I am not a personal trainer, registered dietician (RD), or doctor.